【Award】Professor Yoko Fujikake (Adviser to the President) received a recognition award from the president of JICA

On October 8th, 2019 (Tuesday) at the Institute of Urban Innovation, Professor Yoko Fujikake (Adviser to the President) received 15th Prize from the President of JICA.
Professor Yoko Fujikake worked as a JICA expert at Paraguay Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare also, Peru, Tunisia, among others. She is an active member of JOCV as a technical advisor. At Yokohama National University, she is professor in charge of “Development anthropology and International Research Studies. Under her guidance students learn the academic and practical techniques of International Cooperation. Since September 2016, Professor Yoko Fujikake has served as manager of JICA’s Base Technical Cooperation project: “Project to improve living conditions of rural women in Paraguay”.
Professor Yoko Fujikake has contributed to the teaching and tutoring of several students in doctor’s, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees that now are teaching at Universities and Schools with related topics on International Cooperation, some of them are working for international organizations, become NGO’s staff, JICA volunteers, working at Commercial Departments of private companies here and abroad.
She still actively working and contributing on Projects for Cooperation abroad.
Congratulations to Professor Fujikake for receiving this award.